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Do you know that the internet has produced more multi-millionaires in a very short period of time than any other wealth creation avenue in history? Did you know that it took the internet just 5 years to reach 50 Million users, while it took TV 13 years and Radio 38 years to achieve the same?

Did you even realize that 6 out of the 10 youngest American Billionaires ranked from age 26 to 42 were all e-Business or internet-driven business owners?

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EBN Sets Trends .... Redefines Network Marketing


All thanks to EBN, you can now leverage on the convergence of the Internet and the offline business world to achieve your relationship, job, business and financial success. From Dating (Relationship) Success to Travels, Communication, Fashion & Luxury, e-Commerce and Practical Vocational e-Learning Tutorials……. Our aim at EBN as an Internet Giant and Network Marketing Organization is to bring you to your FINAL One-stop Platform to your everyday search for your financial freedom, Relationship, job and business success.

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Smart Alozie

Founder & CEO

E-Business Network International (EBN)

is a Company that started off as an idea and revelation from GOD in 2011 with an aim and mission to contributing to ending and eradicating global poverty by raising a new wave of global billionaires by empowering, educating and practically showing the people the importance of and the power of today’s advanced technologically enhanced and Redefined Multi-Level Marketing, internet and e –driven businesses as a proven system to not only becoming their own boss, but also creating wealth.

Chaired by its Founder and CEO, Mr Smart Alozie and his Executive team brings a combined experience of over 20 years across several industries to Redefine the network marketing and Direct sales industry to champion what would become one of the top Internet Giant and World’s most valuable Network Marketing Corporations through World Class performance, providing advanced technologically-driven digital products and concepts starting with its phase 1 product called “Konektor”


E-Billionaires Club

This is EBN’s offline Club for not only Socializing physically with its members around the world, BUT also a first of its kind never seen before platform for recognizing every successful internet entrepreneur around the world. Be you an internet , e-Commerce or homebased business owner, a blogger, vlogger, youtuber or even an affiliate marketer you can now be globally recognized and appreciated for your great positive impact made towards channeling the minds of people on the overall internet businesses as a means to reducing unemployment and creating not only more jobs BUT more Millionaires via internet...

Members Meet 3 Times a year in exotic locations around the world.


We believe in the power of referrals. We made it financially rewarding because we want users to get an extra good feeling when they help others. Make a Sale by referring any one from across the world to purchase any of our products and get rewarded with not only sales commissions but also great incentives. Download Opoortunity Plan.